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Hydro Floss

Why choose Hydro Floss®?

Because it works.

Hydro Floss® has helped people all over the world improve their oral health - quickly and easily, using plain tap water.  When used as directed inflammation is decreased, periodontal pockets begin to heal and tartar buildup on appliances (implants, braces) is greatly diminished. 

Before and After photos from some of our dental partners:

inflammation before & after

Female presented with acute gingival inflammation in the anterior mandible and entire left quadrant. Patient was provided a Hydro Floss® and instructed in its use. Within 7 days she showed a marked improvement and on day 10 she was completely asymptomatic with no further recurrence. 


perio pocket reduction before & after

Male presented with acute and chronic periodontal problems. Very poor home care and only emergency professional care. Patient was prescribed a Hydro Floss® for twice daily home usage. After 14 days, the inflammation was decreased, plaque and calculus was reduced, and periodontal pockets showed remarkable improvement.  


Implant before and after

Female presented with inflammation and pain with necrotic exudate from the root form implants. Implants were slightly mobile and grossly contaminated with plaque and calculus. Patient was provided a Hydro Floss® and instructed in its use. After 14 days, inflammation was resolved, the prosthesis was rigid, firm and free from calculus.

More than half of the adults in the U.S. have some form of gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and has been linked to many serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, strokecancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dental professionals recommend daily brushing and flossing to help prevent gum disease but these steps are simply not enough. String floss is time consuming and can be difficult for some people to use.  In fact, without proper flossing technique, string floss does not effectively clean below the gum line, leaving behind harmful plaque, bacteria and food debris. 

That's where Hydro Floss® comes in...

What makes Hydro Floss® the best choice in oral irrigation?

Oral irrigation has been proven to be an effective tool for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The Hydro Floss® raises that level of effectiveness by combining two proven methods - oral irrigation and magnetics. 

There are naturally occurring minerals in most liquids. Magnetics prevents these minerals from changing from a liquid into a solid state. When this principle is applied to an oral irrigator it interrupts the process by which plaque and calculus adhere to and accumulate on the surface of the tooth. If bacteria can't stick to the tooth, it can't cause problems.

The Hydro Floss® has been clinically proven to be twice as effective as non-magnetic irrigators at reducing plaque and calculus. One study showed that the control group using the Hydro Floss® had a 44% greater reduction in calculus volume. A second study confirmed and improved on these findings with Hydro Floss® users having 64% less calculus compared to the group using a non-magnetic irrigator.

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of the Hydro Floss®: 

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