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Hydro Floss®

Hydro Floss® uses magnetics to inhibit bacteria's ability to adhere to the surface of the teeth and colonize.  If the bacteria can't stick, it can't cause problems. Clinical studies show that Hydro Floss® is 64% more effective than other irrigators at reducing plaque and calculus.



"Troublesome areas that never responded well to treatment are clearing up! Your unit does everything you claim and I give it my highest endorsement."

– R.Groba, DDS

"Hydro Floss is the gold standard for treating implants."

– Ashley, RDH

"I suffered from gingivitis and receding gums and within 7 days my gums look healthy and there is minimal bleeding."

– Dory M.

"Your Hydro Floss SAVED MY GUMS! My pocket readings & receding gums are totally under control since I began using it."

– Rich H.