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PerioBrite Mouthwash - Cool Mint

$ 15.00

PerioBrite CoolMint Mouthwash Bottle
PerioBrite CoolMint Mouthwash Bottle PerioBrite CoolMint MouthWash Bottle PerioBrite CoolMint MouthWash Ingredients
  • Dentist Formulated All-Natural Mouthwash
  • Fights Bad Breath Naturally with CoQ10 & Folic Acid
  • Supports Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Fluoride Free

PerioBrite® Mouthwash's all-natural formula helps to freshen breath and support healthy teeth and gums.  

Only PerioBrite® Natural Mouthwash contains a unique combination of soothing wildcrafted herbs, well-known for their cleansing action, together with CoQ10, Folic Acid, Oregano, Cinnamon, and Clove to support tissue and gum health.  

CoolMint flavor, 16 oz.