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Voltage Converter - Simran SMF-200

$ 19.95
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All of Europe and Australia is on a 220v electrical system. To use U.S. based appliances or electronics on this system, you need a step down transformer like the Simran SMF-200.  Plugging something designed for the 110v system (North America) into a 220v system, will most likely "fry" it (burn the motor). In addition, there could be a potential fire hazard. 
  • Perfect for taking your Hydro Floss to Europe or any country that is on the 220V system.
  • 200 Watts Max Step Down voltage Converter for international travel to Europe and Asia
  • Converts 220/240 V to 110/120V so you can use American products in Europe, Asia & other 220/240V countries.
  • Comes with 2-round pin Euro Plug.
  • Led indicator light.
  • Thermal Fuse protection.

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