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Hydro Floss® plus 1 Year Warranty Bundle

$ 98.00
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    1 Hydro Floss®,  1 Year Warranty,  3 Tongue Cleaners,  3 Toothbrushes

    The Hydro Floss® oral irrigator is the highest quality, most effective home treatment device of its kind. It cleans under the gum line and between the teeth to remove plaque and food debris and reduce the harmful bacteria that brushing and flossing leave behind. 

    With recent reports linking oral health to life-threatening diseases such as heart and lung disease, stroke, and diabetes, it is vital to give more attention to ones home dental care. When combined with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to your dentist, the Hydro Floss® oral irrigator will help to improve oral health. Whether you have inflamed and bleeding gums, periodontal pockets, crown & bridge work, implants, veneers, or orthodontic appliances, the Hydro Floss® oral irrigator will be an added plus to your home dental care. 

    • Uses magnetics to affect the water and inhibit the bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth.
    • Clinical studies show that the Hydro Floss® oral irrigator is 44% more effective than non-magnetic oral irrigators at reducing plaque and calculus.
    • Pulsating stream of 1,200 pulses per minute disrupts plaque biofilm and flushes food and bacteria from the surface of the teeth, between teeth and from hard to reach areas.
    • Maximum pressure at 60 psi, tested to be the safest and most effective on the gingival tissue.
    • A water stop button on the handle.
    • Adjustable pressure for comfort preference.
    • 800 ml reservoir, marked in ml to easily add mouthwash or medications.
    • Pack of 4 color coded Jet Tips with holder.
    • 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a one year Limited Warranty with additional warranty options.
    • Quality parts and components.

    How Hydro Floss works:

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