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What our customers say about the Hydro Floss®:

"I bought my hydro floss a year ago and it is the best product that I have bought in many years on many levels. First it has SAVED my gums and of course, long term, my teeth. Everything the manufacturer claims is 100% correct. My gums improved 100%. No Bleeding after years of struggling to fight periodontal disease. My hygienist & dentist are so happy. Next, if you are a baby boomer such as myself you should know that oral health and especially failure to floss can lead to many debilitating diseases. This product is health prevention at its best!. And its Green - it uses water!"   - Esther R.

"I have started using the Hydro Floss Irrigation system per my dentist's recommendation- Bar None- this has been nothing short of Amazing.  I suffered from gingivitis - receding gums- within 7 days my gums look healthy and there is minimal bleeding.  This is easy to incorporate in my daily routine and I wish I added this years ago-  I am sold on this."  -Dory M.

"I love the Hydrofloss!!! It actually reversed my gum disease!!!! I've been using it for five years now and don't know how I lived without it!!!!"  - Karyn K.

 "Your Hydrofloss SAVED MY GUMS!!  My pocket readings & receeding gums are totally under control ever since I began using it.  Carrie, the hygenist in Dr. Risbrudt's office, recommended it to me 4 1/2 years ago.  Now I recommend it to anyone who tells me they have gum problems."  - Rich H.


What dentists and periodontists say about the Hydro Floss®:

"Troublesome areas that never responded well to treatment are clearing up!  Your unit does everything you claim and I give it my highest endorsement." - R.G. Friendswood, TX

"It may prove to be the premier dental discovery of the 21st Century"  - W.R. DDS, Birmingham, AL

"...periodontal exams every 3 months have resulted in ZERO Pathology" - D.D. DMD, Lexington, KY

 "The overall improvement has surpassed all our expectations! - P.G. DDS, Elizabethton, TN


"...significant improvement in cases of even extreme oral disease."D.S. DDS, Columbus, OH