Hydro Floss®

About Us

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is an English-language proverb. It means, roughly, that the primary driving force for most new inventions is a need.   Need is how the principle behind the Hydro Floss® was discovered.  Hydro Floss® is not just another "water flosser".  It is the only oral irrigator on the market that can actually treat the cause of most dental diseases and not just the symptoms that result from these diseases.

The man who discovered this principle was suffering from periodontal disease.  His gums bled at the slightest touch and he had several deep periodontal pockets.  He had tried every toothpaste, mouthwash and medication available with limited success and was facing his second periodontal surgery.  He had been through the pain and expense of surgery and did not want to go through it again. So he set out to find a treatment that would be less invasive, less painful and less expensive. At the time he was working with magnetics in the treatment of commercial water systems and wondered if the principles used to prevent scale in water systems could be applied to the prevention of plaque growth on the tooth surface. Using the principles of magnetics, he modified a basic "water flosser" and began using it. Within weeks the bleeding he normally experienced during daily brushing and flossing was gone. Over the next few months his gums became much less inflamed and receded less. By the time he went back to his periodontist, his gums no longer bled, all of the periodontal pockets were reduced, his gums were tighter around the teeth and he no longer needed surgery. He has been using his invention for more than 25 years now and the symptoms he had suffered with for years have never returned and he continues to enjoy excellent dental health.

For the past 25 years, Oral Care Technologies, Inc. has been helping others achieve these same results in their own oral health with the Hydro Floss®.  It is truly the only oral irrigator that can "Treat the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms" of gum disease.