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Breath RX - Mouthrinse

Breath RX - Mouthrinse

$ 13.49
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The BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse is an easy and effective way to maintain oral hygiene. This formula prevents dental decay and plaque formations caused by bacteria. It is equipped with fluoride protection and clean mint to give you long-lasting fresh breath. A thorough rinse also helps eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath. It protects your gums and prevents inflammation of gum tissue.  This refreshing mouthwash eliminates bad odor and helps maintain fresh breath. 

  • Prevents formation of plaque
  • Prevents bad breath by eliminating bacteria
  • Contains zytex
  • Powerful active ingredient prevents plaque that leads to gingivitis, and the formation of Volatile Sulfur Compounds
  • Zinc keeps working throughout the day to neutralize VSCs
  • 100% alcohol-free
  • Anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis formula
  • Lasts longer than other professional rinses


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