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DenTek Floss Picks

$ 7.19
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Food and plaque love to hide out in the back of our teeth but with DenTek Comfort Clean Easy Angle Floss Picks, shaped to easily reach back teeth, they can't hide any longer. Increasing the comfort  is the thin silky floss that slides easily between tight teeth and sensitive gums. Add in a textured pick that deep cleans between teeth and it's no wonder these are clinically proven as effective as rolled floss!

  • 75 picks/pack
  • Flosser handle made for back teeth, tight teeth and sensitive gums
  • Angled dental floss head promotes oral hygiene in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Silky comfort dental floss provides oral care for back teeth and gums
  • Triangulated textured flosser pick helps remove plaque for better oral hygiene
  • Cool minty flavored dental floss leaves your mouth fresh

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