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PerioPaste toothpaste in box
PerioPaste toothpaste in box PerioPaste toothpaste tube
PerioPaste™ is an all natural toothpaste that does more than just clean your teeth; this advanced formula will discourage the growth of bacteria in periodontal pockets and provide the nutrients needed for healthy gum tissue.
  • With regular use, PerioPaste™ will naturally whiten your teeth for a clean healthy smile.
  • Contains organic wild-crafted herbs and essential oils, which have been shown in research to discourage the growth of bacteria while promoting the growth of tissue for healthy gums.
  • The only natural toothpaste that contains the patented extract Phytoplenolin, to promote cell vitality. Phytoplenolin has been used since ancient times for its topical anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fortified with Co-Q10 and folic acid, two nutrients that help promote a healthy environment for your mouth.
  • Contains Xylitol to stop tooth decay.
  • No preservatives, no alcohol, no artificial colors or dyes and no sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • The refreshing mint flavor will keep your mouth fresh for hours.
  • Vegetarian, kosher formula.

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