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What is Plaque and Calculus?

What is Plaque and Calculus?

What is Plaque? Plaque is a sticky material made up of food particles, saliva, germs and bacteria that attaches to the tooth at and below the gum line.

Why is Plaque so hard to remove?  Because of where it lives!  Plaque that becomes a problem usually builds in the areas we fail to clean properly.  We tend to neglect hard-to-reach areas, such as at and below the gum line, in-between the teeth, and all the little nooks of the tooth.  It is the plaque which has attached itself to other plaque that is so tenacious and hard to remove.

What is Calculus?  Hardened plaque!  Well, it is not that simple and all plaque does not form calculus.  However, when combined with other ingredients and factors, mineralized or calcified plaque is described as calculus.  Calculus is usually more difficult to remove than plaque and can begin to form in as little as eight hours.

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