Hydro Floss®

Trade-In Program

Trade-In Program

Our Service Department does its best to advise the correct solution for servicing your Hydro Floss®.  Many times we can give a repair estimate over the phone and not have to actually see the unit.  We may ask you to go through a few troubleshooting steps first in order to better diagnose the issues.  Sometimes the repair costs can exceed the value, especially when there are major components involved in the repair process. Occasionally, when evaluating the repair estimate for a customer, the best solution for them would be to retire the older unit and upgrade to a new Hydro Floss®.  

We have a trade in program where you can trade in your older model Hydro Floss® for the newest model available.  The total cost for a new Hydro Floss® with this program is $88.20 and includes free shipping and a 1-year warranty.  Simply cut the hose off near the base of the handle of your existing Hydro Floss® and mail the handle to us at the address below.

Please include a letter explaining that you would like to order a new Hydro Floss® through the trade-in program.  Be sure to provide your shipping address and a daytime telephone number so that we may contact you for credit card payment, or you may include a check for $88.20 made payable to Oral Care Technologies, Inc.  If an email address is provided you will receive tracking information for your shipment.

Oral Care Technologies, Inc.
Attn: Service Center
3681 Pine Lane SE
Bessemer, AL 35022

Call us at 800-635-3594 or email us at helpdesk@hydrofloss.com if you wish to discuss this option in more detail for your Hydro Floss®.



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