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I Have An Oral Irrigator That It Is Not a Hydro Floss® - Will You Repair It?

I Have An Oral Irrigator That It Is Not a Hydro Floss® - Will You Repair It?

Believe or not, our Service Department gets calls like this all the time.  It is a very easy question to answer - no.  It is not that we can't, it is just that we do not stock parts necessary to do repairs for our competitor's products.  So, what is the solution?

We will accept a competitor's oral irrigator as a Trade-In for a new Hydro Floss®.  In fact, in our company break room, we have a copy of an order and the competitor's irrigator handle that a customer used to get a Trade-In for the Hydro Floss®.  This procedure works exactly the same as if it were our product.  Click on this link to find out about our Trade-In Program.  We look forward to having you as OUR customer and will serve you well, that is our promise!

Call us at 800-635-3594 or email us at helpdesk@hydrofloss.com if you wish to discuss this option in more detail for your current oral irrigator.



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